I still want a pry bar

OK, I did not get a pry bar for Christmas. I’ll buy one myself. What I did get on Christmas was a lot of good advice. I now know where to pick up pallets in Northampton and in the Berkshires. I know not to look for pallets behind the big box stores because they have an arrangement where the pallets get picked up and returned when they get new deliveries. I guess I can’t fault that because they are recycling. A ‘tin’ roof is very easy to put on and you can buy the material by the single sheet. I have a few leads on recycled building materials and a few more ideas of how I would build walls from pallets. A big shout out to Dan for all the advice.

I also went outdoors and measured the tree. It’s 75 inches in circumference. While I’ve forgotten most of the esoteric things in math, I do know that a circumference is pi times the diameter, which means the tree is about 24 inches in diameter. That was one of the few useful things taught in math class.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


We are all in this together. Even if all you can do is read the blog and cheer me on, I would really appreciate it. If you can give me good advice, not just what I should do but why, I will listen eagerly. And if you’re willing to come on the land and pick up a tool and help, I will be most appreciative.

I want to build a treehouse out from reclaimed materials. There’s an old tree house on the property, built by the previous owner, but it’s falling down around my ears, with the leaking roof and an unsafe floor. I hope to salvage the windows from it, and maybe a little bit of the wood, But it’s mostly fit for the fire pit. The rest of the wood to build the new tree house will have to come from other sources. I think we claimed pallets would be good.

Although I have a perfectly good country house, surrounded by beautiful views of the land and the pond, I want a small retreat it is a little more rustic and a little closer to the land. No place that has a lawn is truly rustic.

I dream of a place with simple furnishings and lots of windows. I don’t plan to winterize it; this is a summer retreat only. I see myself going down the back garden, along the narrow path the ducks behind some brushy tree, to the treehouse. It will be a place to make a cup of tea, meditate on the beauty of nature, and do a bit of writing.

I know very little about carpentry, except the adage that you should measure twice and cut once. I did build a small greenhouse out of reclaimed two by fours and various old windows, a long time ago. It was not particularly pretty but it did stay up.

I’m not even sure where you find pallets. I do recall a site near where I used to work where they piled up lots of them; presumably there for the taking.

So, dear readers, let me know where you go to find pallets. And if you have a prybar that you particularly recommend for disassembling them, leave a link in the comments. As I said in the intro, we’re all in this together.

Since I am writing this on Christmas Eve, I cannot help but think that all I want for Christmas is a prybar.